You may want to move your electrical service to build a garage, add an addition to your home, or simply eliminate the overhead power line on your property.

The tables below show general costs to modify the electrical service for a standard-sized, residential lot in towns and cities.

All costs are estimates only and subject to an actual quote and site inspection. You will incur additional costs from your electrician and you will also need to contact SaskTel and your cable provider as they have additional costs.


If you need more information, please view our Electrical Service Changes PDF.

Bury Overhead Service

Overhead Service Details (no directional boring)
Service Type - No directional boring required to leave trees, patios, etc. undisturbed Estimated Cost
 Single, family home  $1275.00 + GST
 Duplex  $1500.00 + GST

Overhead Service Details (with directional boring)
Service Type - With directional boring Estimated Cost
Single, family home (phone and CATV, if required) $2275.00 + GST
Duplex with 4/0 cable (phone and CATV, if required) $2500.00 + GST

Change Existing Underground Service

Underground Service Details
Service Type Estimated Cost
Single family home where changes require going around an obstruction $750.00 + GST
Single family home where changes require shortening and reconnecting cable $525.00 + GST


  • You will need to hire an electrician to complete your job unless advised otherwise. Those costs are not included in our estimated costs.
  • Customers are responsible for providing access to the yard and a clear construction route for trenching. Work may require you to remove a fence, garbage stand, swing set, paving stones, etc.
  • Working with underground cables requires us to trench in the yard, SaskPower will backfill and level the trench. The customer is responsible to repair landscaping. In some Northern communities where rock is a problem, the customer may be required to supply the trench and will receive a $150.00 credit on the standard price rate.
  • Customer is responsible to contact the telephone and cable TV companies as additional charges may apply.
  • Services provided are governed by SaskPower’s Terms and Conditions of Service.
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