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Our Board of Directors helps manage SaskPower. They review and approve a variety of plans, goals and budgets. This includes the strategic plan, operating goals, annual budget and business plans. They work together with the SaskPower management team.

The board consists of 12 external directors.

Board Chair

The board chair provides leadership to the board. It's their responsibility to stay independent while encouraging open group communication. They work with the chief executive officer (CEO) to represent the interests of SaskPower within the government of Saskatchewan and with other stakeholders.

Committee Chair

The committee chair ensures that the responsibilities given by the board are fulfilled. They communicate with the board on issues that arise from the work of the committee.

Crown Investments Corporation Corporate Secretary

The corporate secretary is an employee of Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC). They serve as corporate secretary to the SaskPower board and its committees.

The corporate secretary provides expertise about governance best practices to the:

  • board
  • committees

The Board’s 3 Standing Committees Include:

  1. Audit and Finance Committee
    • Assists the board in meeting financial reporting, internal controls and accountability responsibilities.
    • Oversees the risk management reporting of SaskPower.
    • Provides financial plans, proposals and information aligned to SaskPower's strategic plan.

  2. Governance & Human Resource Committee
    • Responsible for SaskPower's corporate governance practices.
    • Oversees human resource strategies, programs and practices.
    • Monitors and evaluates the board and committee performance.

  3. Safety, Environment & Corporate Responsibility Committee
    • Ensures that SaskPower addresses safety, environment and corporate responsibility issues.
    • Considers stakeholder and shareholder interests in SaskPower’s long-term priorities.
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