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Get up to $100,000 back for energy efficiency activities! 

About the Program

The Commercial Energy Optimization Program (CEOP) is designed to help you take on energy efficiency activities with FREE consulting services. This helps you: 

  • identify energy-saving opportunities
  • guide project development
  • identify financial options

Wherever you are in your journey, we can help reduce your operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  

We’ve partnered with CLEAResult to administer this program.

Services Available

Review the services below based on the size and needs of your business. For more information, please review our program guide.

Note: facilities used for the primary purpose of manufacturing, processing of goods, or extraction of raw materials are not eligible for CEOP support.

Energy Support Services (ESS)

This service is for small and medium businesses. 

  • Get free consulting to identify opportunities, develop business cases, report and track energy management, train stakeholders and more. 
  • To participate, you must be a commercial customer connected to the SaskPower-controlled grid. 

Apply for the program by reaching out to us.  


Energy Coach Services 

This service is for large commercial businesses. 

  • It provides participants with all services included in ESS, plus up to $30,000 to hire or retain a dedicated energy champion. This employee will identify, lead and develop the skills necessary to implement energy efficiency projects with the help and support of an experienced energy coach.
  • To participate, you must be a commercial customer with a large business, or business portfolio (per facility or aggregate) with consumption greater than 5 GWh.

Apply for the program by reaching out to us.  


Custom Incentive Services 

This service is for all commercial customers. 

  • Get financial incentives to upgrade your facilities with more energy-efficient equipment. Offerings include:
    • $0.13 per kWh for non-lighting projects
    • $0.06 per kWh for lighting projects
    • Up to 50% of the eligible project costs, up to $100,000 per project

How to Apply for Custom Incentive Services

Learn how to apply for the custom incentive services program below.

Create your pre-project application package for your capital projects and email us using the subject line: CEOP Submission [company name], [Facility Address]

You’ll receive a notice of approval and estimated incentive amount for the project once the project has been deemed eligible. 

You may begin your capital project once your project has received pre-approval.

Provide documentation once the project has been completed. 

You’ll receive a notice of approval and actual incentive amount once the post-project submission has been approved.

Once the project has been approved, we’ll send an electronic fund transfer to the participant as listed in the application.


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