You can add up to 25 locations with a few easy taps:

  • Select the “Outage Notifications” icon.
  • Select “+ Add areas” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Locate Me” arrow in the top right-hand corner or search for an address to pinpoint a location.
  • Select the “+” in the white bubble to confirm the area you’re adding.
  • Select “Add” in the menu to add the address and area.

You’ll get alert notifications for all outages in the areas you’ve selected. Your home or business may or may not be affected.

If you’ve selected an area in the app, you’ll get notifications for this area. This may or may not affect your house.

You still need to call us to report your power is out. Once we modernize the grid, it'll help us better pin point who's affected during an outage.

This could be because:

1) Our operators are diagnosing the problem. It could take 5 to 10 minutes to get an alert. We’re just making sure that the information we send you is right.

2) Your alert notifications are turned off. Check your phone and SaskPower App settings to make sure both are on.

3) Make sure your cellular data is turned on. This will help make sure you’re getting notifications.

4) If your house is near a border, it may be in a different area than your neighbours. Try selecting areas on the map that border your home. If you’re still having issues please Contact Us.

Our app is supported by Apple Maps for iPhone and Google Maps for Android. Because they don't support land locations, you'll have to switch it to GPS coordinates. You can use these sites to do this:

You can log out of the SaskPower App with a few simple steps:

  • Select My Dashboard or Meter Reading
  • Tap the avatar (blue icon) in the top right corner
  • Tap Logout
  • Tap “Yes” to the question: “Are you sure you want to logout?”
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message telling you that “You’ve successfully logged out.”
  • Click OK

Notifications stay for 72 hours after they are resolved. The badge remains until you access the App again.

Yes, to submit a meter reading through the SaskPower App you must login. If you’d like to submit a meter reading without logging in, visit

You must create a MySaskPower account online.

Once you’ve created an account, you can log in through the app.

To fix this issue, please visit MySaskPower and ensure you have accepted the latest Digital Terms and Conditions.

If you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, tap on the avatar on the top right and select logout.

Then login again and your My Dashboard and/or Meter Reading should work.

To protect your privacy and ensure the security of our App, you’ll need to login every 90 days of non-use.

Go to Settings tile in your app and click the link “Tell us about your problem” and send us an email. We’d be happy to help!

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