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Affordable Power: Managing the Cost of Electricity

The energy transition is underway and the demand for power is increasing. That means we need new power facilities and powerlines. Building new infrastructure comes with a cost that can impact power rates and your bill. Join this discussion to learn about affordability programs, creating an energy-efficient home, and strategies for managing costs for the future.

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The Distribution System: Residential Needs of the Future

Our distribution power system is aging and the time for transformation is here. From substations to your power meter, it’s also the system that urban and residential customers interact with the most. Join this session to learn what we’re working on for the future distribution system, which technologies are in the mix, and how an updated system could impact the future demand for power. This conversation is just the beginning!

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Exploring Microgrids: The Saskatchewan Context

Microgrids are local power grids that operate independent of SaskPower’s main power system. They’re useful in many cases, but not in every situation. So, when and where do microgrids make sense in Saskatchewan? At this session, we’ll answer that question, explore decentralized power, how microgrids operate and what they could look like in the future.

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Hosting Renewable Projects: Large-Scale Wind and Solar in our Communities

Saskatchewan needs more wind and solar projects if it’s going to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. But what does that mean for rural communities that are typically home to wind or solar projects? Join this discussion to learn what’s involved in hosting large-scale renewable power projects, independent power producers and common misconceptions about renewable projects.

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