To keep customers and employees safe and help provide the reliable power customers need, we’ve begun the annual inspection and maintenance on wood power poles in several areas of the province.

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Why we’re doing it

Wood pole maintenance costs approximately $50 per pole on average, while replacement costs are about $2,500 per pole. Without maintenance, the life expectancy of a wood power pole may be as short as 25 to 30 years. Through our maintenance program, that life expectancy can extend to more than 65 years.

Our progress so far

This is a continuation of a plan we’ve already done significant work on around the province.

From now until fall 2017, our work crews plan to inspect over 104,000 wooden power poles in the Davidson, Regina, Strasbourg and Moosomin areas for decay, carpenter ant infestation and mechanical damage. Where possible, the work crews will also perform maintenance to extend the life span of poles.

Minimizing the impact to you

Inspected/maintained poles are safer for employees and customers.

Our crews will stay within the SaskPower right-of-way as much as possible; however, workers may occasionally need access to private property.

Respecting the local environment

No impact to local environment expected.

More benefits to your community

Doing this work will allow us to continue to provide reliable power to our customers.

Overall estimated cost of the project is $5 million.

Keeping you informed

This work will occur in the following areas:

  • The Davidson area from May – July
  • Rural areas around Regina from May to late June and July to August
  • The Strasbourg area from late June to late July
  • The south and northeast neighbourhoods of Regina in July and August
  • The Moosomin area from late August to October

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