About 9% of the power used by the Saskatchewan commercial sector is for refrigeration.

Things you can do to reduce your power use:

  • Completely load cooking equipment but be careful not to overload the equipment.
  • Keep your evaporator coils clean and free of ice build-up with regular maintenance and defrosting.
  • Keep your freezers full. They will retain the cold longer, which will cause them to cycle on less frequently.
  • Install automatic door-closers and strip curtains on your walk-in freezers or coolers.
  • Turn off your backup fryers and ovens during low production periods.
  • Make sure your oven doors fit tightly by adjusting door latches and ensuring gaskets are in good condition.
  • Purchase insulated cooking equipment. Insulation helps keep heat inside your equipment instead of in the room.

Most refrigeration systems have a useful life of 15 years. They become less efficient as they surpass their useful life. Consider replacing older refrigeration systems with energy-efficient models.

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