About 15 % of the power used in the average Saskatchewan office building is for office equipment.

Things you can do to reduce your power use:

Turn off your computers and other office equipment when you are not using them, especially overnight and on weekends. Save more than $30 per year, per computer by turning off your computers and monitors for 12 hours each day. Save even more by turning them off all weekend.

Turning your computer on and off does not use any extra electricity or hurt its components.

  • Laptops can use up to 90% less energy than desktop computers.
  • Choose the smallest computer monitor that meets your needs. Larger monitors require more power.
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® qualified office equipment. On average, they use 50% less power than conventional models. An ENERGY STAR qualified fax machine will save you about $5 a year.
  • Turn off your printer when you are not printing.
  • Use a multi-function printer/scan/fax machine, as one machine uses much less power than the separate machines combined.
  • Reduce "phantom power" by unplugging chargers and devices when not in use (e.g. unplugging a phone charger when not in use).
  • Use intelligent/smart power bars with timers to make controlling power easier and more efficient.
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