1. Why is SaskPower offering Energy Efficiency Discounts?

SaskPower is currently offering instant in-store savings on the purchase of select energy-efficient products in retail locations across the province to help residents reduce power use in their homes and lower power bills.

2. How does it work?

Visit one of our 70+ participating retail locations between May 13 and July 2 and purchase select products at a discounted rate. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

3. What type of products are included?

  • Select ENERGY STAR® certified specialty LED bulbs
  • Select ENERGY STAR® certified LED fixtures
  • Select energy-efficient controls
  • Select ENERGY STAR® smart thermostats
  • Select ENERGY STAR® certified ventilation fans

4. Why should I switch to LED bulbs and fixtures?

LED lightbulbs use about 80% less electricity and last 15 times longer than your regular incandescent bulbs.

5. Why should I switch to a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats put you in complete control of your home's heating and cooling systems no matter where you are. You can adjust them from your mobile device or through a web application. By changing the temperature of your home by even a few degrees you can make a big difference to your utility bills.

6. What does it mean for a product to be ENERGY STAR certified?

The ENERGY STAR symbol is the internationally recognized and trusted mark of high efficiency. Behind every label is a product, home building or industrial facility that is certified to use less energy and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change. To learn more, visit ENERGY STAR Canada.

7. What is the Greener Homes grant? Are these discounts connected?

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative helps homeowners save money, create new jobs across Canada for energy advisors and fight climate change.

SaskPower's Energy Efficiency Discounts is not connected to Canada's Greener Homes Grant or any other federal funding program. 

8. What are the biggest factors affecting my power bill?

Some of the biggest factors that influence your power bill are weather, the number of people in your home, living habits, your home’s characteristics and your electrical appliances and devices. To learn more, please visit Factors Affecting Power Use.

9. Where can I get more information on saving energy in my home?

SaskPower has a free online assessment tool that can help provide information on how to save on your power and natural gas costs. Please visit our Online Energy Assessment for Homes.

10. I want to make more energy efficient changes to my home but don’t know where to start.

Our Energy Assistance Program is easy to join and completely FREE!

Our Home Energy Coaches will come to your house and complete a walkthrough installing FREE energy-efficient items such as smart thermostats and ENERGY STAR LED light bulbs. They will also give you simple everyday tips to help keep your energy use down. Find out if you qualify!

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