It’s important to take good care of your grain drying equipment. If you don’t, you could be in for problems like gas leaks and fires. That can lead to property damage, injury and even loss of life. Anyone who is near or operates a grain dryer should know the owner’s manual well and understand the safety measures related to the equipment

Grain Drying Safety Tips

  • Have your grain drying equipment installed by a licensed gas contractor. Your licensed gas contractor will make sure that all safety controls are connected and functioning properly and that your grain dryer is connected to the right gas source (propane or natural gas).
  • For propane or natural gas fired units, set the pressure regulator correctly. This will help you avoid putting too much gas pressure on the burner during ignition and when the burner is in use.
  • Inspect and clear away any dust, dirt, cobwebs and nests from the equipment before starting. Check for chaff build-up every day during operating season.
  • Avoid damage or stress to any gas lines that could cause a leak. Do not drive over the hose with your vehicle or other types of equipment. If damage occurs, have the line inspected by a qualified and licensed contractor.
  • Routinely check for any developing gas plumbing leaks. If you detect a leak, shut down and repair the equipment before going further.
  • Keep visitors, children and untrained personnel away from the dryer at all times.
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