We now require the following to be submitted before energizing any new service connection:

  • Electrical permit number
  • Electrical contractor name

This information is required before we energize any existing service that has been disconnected for a period of 12 months or longer.

Once you have provided us with your electrical permit number and the electrician’s name and service is ready to be energized, place the sticker on the following locations in order of preference:

  • Meter socket (of located outside the building), including:
    • Pad-mount metering (SaskPower supplied)
    • Rural metering cabinet (SaskPower supplied)
    • F-cabinet (SaskPower supplied)
  • Splitter box
  • Main disconnect (non-metered services)

The orange portion of the sticker, with the series number (AA), is applied to the meter; the white portion can be left in the sticker book and be used to record the permit number and any other important information. Ensure the sticker number and the line where the permit number is recorded matches.

Energization sticker books contain 25 stickers. To receive your stickers, or for information on the process, please email energizationbooks@saskpower.com.

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